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Phostera Camera

Phostera Camera is designed to support our Phostera Director and Phostera Streamer products by supplying video and audio over the local network.

If you have one iOS device and no friends or colleagues to film with, you will find the camera useful for the following:

This is and will remain a free camera. No ads, tracking or other monetization strategies will be used.

Phostera Director

Phostera Director allows you to manage your iOS devices running the free Phostera Camera to run a common set of shooting modes, run takes on them simultaneously, create and copy proxies, while managing the use of external storage on the director and the cameras.

Phostera Streamer

Phostera streamer is a mobile-first, horizontal-only streaming app for iOS. Stream the world around you from any device using RTMP and related protocols compatible with most streaming services.

From the app, stream your device cameras, including an external camera if on iPad, Phostera cameras available over the network and local media to your viewers.

Select from up to three local audio sources to give you a good audio presence, one for the subject of your stream and another for perhaps an interview microphone.

Switch between multiple Phostera Cameras to cover the action.


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