Privacy Policy


At Phostera, LLC, we value your privacy and are committed to protecting it by not collecting any personal or tracking data from our creator apps, now and in the future.

Phostera Camera

Phostera Director

Phostera Streamer

None of the apps contain any ads, analytics, tracking or related technologies provided by us or 3rd parties.

Note: All Apple platforms provide tools for developers to gauge product feature use and reliability while protecting your identity and privacy.

Bottom line: We will not know and will avoid knowing your identity, what you film, where you film it and who you film it with.

Phostera Website

We operate a static website where we display our products, a frequently asked questions page and a list of compatible 3rd party accessories. This site only supports anonymous access and is hosted at a 3rd party vendor. We do not want any data from this site and you should not supply any if asked.

Receipt Checker

We may or may not operate a server that works with Apple servers to check receipts, like the guy at the Walmart entrance. Should we be doing that, we'll do it while storing as little as possible and sharing it with nobody.

Phostera Community Forum

We operate a forum where you may interact with the developer and others who use our products. You can find the privacy policy and terms of use linked below.

Note that the use of any valid Apple id is required to gain access. You can hide your email from us and pick a handle. We won't store your name if it comes across the wire. A yes/no as to whether you have purchased our product may be stored in the server and could be used to recognize your forum persona as a purchaser.

Privacy Policy

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This privacy policy is effective as of 11/01/2023.